A Message from Marg

You have set out on a new and romantic voyage. This journey, much like that of our ancestors, will bring you delight and exhilaration and, at times, frustration. Few of us know much about our ancestors and fewer still know that there is a real potential for discovering our family histories.

Are you interested in discovering your family history but you don't have access to the necessary resources? Are you "hitting brick walls"? Perhaps you don't have the time or desire to pursue your own genealogy research. Let GenealogyResults do the work for you.

The formation of GenealogyResults is as a result of my own passion and discoveries after many years of researching family histories, including my own. I can attest to the thrill of adding each new piece to the puzzle. My personal journey has led me through England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, the United States and Canada. I have established legitimate connections, such as a fifth cousin once removed, thousands of miles away. The discovery of each little piece of our history provides a never ending allure. 

The goal of GenealogyResults is to provide timely, professional service at competitive rates and assist my clients in the research of their roots in Canada, the United States, England, Ireland, and  Scotland.

Let GenealogyResults do the work for you.

"When I requested Marg to do some research for me, I asked for a Volkswagon and received a Cadillac!" 
Rev. Brian Burton, Dallas, Texas


Helping You to Discover Your Family Roots