Helping You to Discover Your Family Roots

Research Services:

I will attempt to become familiar with your family, its names and the research that has been done so far. My research time includes reviewing the information provided by the client, planning my course of action, collecting information, analyzing the information I have collected and composing a final report. 

Most people do not possess the time or patience required to complete a family history. Genealogy research skills include research methodology; collection and organization, the ability to evaluate and analyze the evidence necessary to present a documented, logical conclusion of family relationships. I have the expertise, patience and passion to trace a family's genealogy and history.
The research process I employ to ensure a quality product is described below: 
* A needs assessment to evaluate the client's genealogical data and define the scope of the research goals. 
* I prepare a scope of work to identify the objectives and tasks required to accomplish the research goal(s) and outline the research methodology. 
* I evaluate and analyze the reliability of the data collected and determine the validity of the family relationship in a clear and convincing manner. 

To ensure that I do not duplicate the work you have already done, be sure to include as much of a summary report as possible. Providing information of the key source documents you may have uncovered is always helpful. Make sure you can provide evidence to support the facts you tell me. Is this something that was told to you? Do you have definitive proof or is it a conclusion based on a number of pieces of information? Often the value of hiring a researcher is having a fresh eye to question the results, see a missing clue, or find something that doesn't quite fit. The key to working effectively with a researcher is to clearly define the goals of the project, to establish priorities and to communicate what is known and not knowns, and most importantly, which records have been researched.

Additional Services

Organizing Your Genealogy

Do you need some assistance organizing and compiling the data you have collected over the years? I can help you sort your information and fill-in missing data.
$30 per hour plus expenses

Compiling a Family Book

Do you ever wonder about your family tree? Who were your ancestors and how did they live?
What events helped shape their lives and yours? If you just need help with those "brick walls"
or want to have a book put together for a special family event, or maybe just one for you, 
I can assist you with that. When I put your family book together, in addition to telling the stories of your ancestors, I will include documents I find, family photos you provide, stories that you write or tell me, cemetery pictures, and any other items you may want in there. Remember, this is your book and your family, past and present.
           Contact me for pricing.

Basic Plan Package: 
This package will provide you with 5 hours of research. Upon completion you can expect to receive a professional report of all of my findings including ancestor trees, family groups, kinship reports, and the sources for all of my reported information. Certified copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates may be available and can be provided if required. (*Note: additional fees for certified copies will be applicable.) 

Package price: $300
Additional research can be commissioned at the rate of $30/hour.

Silver Level Package:
This package will provide all of the above information but with more family tree related graphics and include a CD of the files and reports.

Gold Level Package:
The Gold Level Package will also include information required to begin telling a story by including some relevant history either from a local, regional, national or international perspective. For example: Perhaps you had a long ago relative who was born the same month as Archduke Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, was assassinated in Sarajevo--an event that would alter the course of history and lead to the First World War in which your ancestor eventually fought.

Platinum Level Package:
This package could be placed on a DVD with family photos, music and be narrated.

* Individualized packages can be negotiated.