Over the last few months I have had the help of Marg to trace my ancestry. I found her to be very precise and organized in her research, leaving me with a very good report and concise family relationship information. I would not hesitate to user her expertise in the future. 
Moira Coleman,

Peterborough, Ontario

"Marg Meldrum is a professional family history researcher who provides excellent results and years of experience. Appointed as the North American researcher for the Tregurtha Project, Marg displayed that she is a true authority when it comes to genealogy. Her communication is of the highest standard, which I believe is one of the most important aspects of any kind of work. From detailed written reports, to brief email correspondence, Marg's proficiency shines through. But it is her dedication to the task at hand, and her transparent enthusiasm in her work, that puts Marg ahead of so many others in her field. And it is these qualities which will have me hire her again and again when needed."
Annalies Nutley
Family History Research
Queensland, Australia

I was very pleased with the research Marg did for me. Thanks to her efforts I was able to gain valuable insight into two of my family lines. The work was completed in a timely manner, and it was clearly reported. 
Dave Seeley,

Newburgh, Indiana

"I started researching my family tree when I was 16. In 1986 I compiled ten years of my research into a book and decided to take a break as I pursued my career. Then, out of the blue last year, I was introduced to Marg and she rekindled my interest in my long dormant project. I asked her to pick up where I left off. The results of Marg's research far exceeded my expectations. After verifying all of the dates, names and sources in my book, she retyped my pre-computer-age book so that it could be placed online and reprinted. Along the way, somehow, Marg unearthed a 150-year old photograph of the hospital where one of my Civil War ancestors died. Marg is a consummate professional -- always trustworthy, fastidious, resourceful and relentless in her pursuit of answers. But more than this, she has heart and passion for the adventure of genealogy. If you are lucky enough to be chosen as one of her clients, she will produce a treasure trove for you. Genealogy is not a project or a passing fancy to Marg. It is her life. Expect that she will open doors to rooms you never knew existed."
Rev. Brian Burton,

Dallas, Texas 


Helping You to Discover Your Family Roots

"I’ve been working on my family history for a couple of years now and had come to some brick walls which I just couldn’t get through. I contacted Marg a few weeks ago and was very pleased with all of the things she discovered, not to mention her friendliness, professionalism and her knowledge of genealogy. I could see that she was very client orientated and had a genuine care and passion for her work. I would definitely recommend to others, and have no doubts that I’ll be in touch in the near future for more work. Thanks so much Marg!"



March 2019

Hi Marg, 
Thank you so much for all of this, I am so grateful to have her last name! It means a lot to me that we can know that now! Who knew we would find out this way. 
Do you feel there are more avenues to go down if my family do want to continue using your service?  And if so, are you up for the challenge? I understand if it's too much, it's certainly not an easy one. 
Either way, I really appreciate your help here, you were just the right amount professional and personal, and really helped fill in some big pieces to this huge puzzle! Thank you again!
Please feel free to use any part of this email as a reference if needed for future clients. I certainly recommend you and feel your prices are very fair as well as your work ethic. 

Take care and kind regards, 
Carmella Mattie